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CS Tool Dongle Crack Tool: This is the latest Chinese mobile software for all mobile phones. It is an excellent tool and unlocks and repairs MKT phone accessories. Today, MKT gadgets are the most famous and extensively used devices. Sometimes these gadgets do now not work due to trouble and customers are involved in the hassle. The CS tool now helps all users to understand and solve a problem type. The MKT device is stuck due to some malicious programs and operating errors, but now the cs-tool license key removes all viruses of any kind and brightens the function.

CS Tool Dongle

When we forget about our mobile phone telephone sample and password, human beings are no longer machines.  But cs tool activator download is also helpful to reset passwords and reset patterns. The second major advantage of this tool is, in my opinion, the lightness of mobile phones. Although we live in this age, this is not a problem at all, cell phone lighting. However, some people, who are not interested in the process of such updates and lighting, may have a problem while switching on the phone.

CS Tool Dongle Crack Torrent With Keygen

So, in this case, one can easily turn on mobile devices using CS Tool easily. Not for new users, the Chinese Smartphone device is additionally beneficial for skilled Android users.  Because, sometimes, flashes while flashing can cause a dead phone. So, this is the cherry on the cake if you are an experienced Android user, and you are using CS ToolFull Crack to light up your device. These are some of the best features of CS Tool, by learning all these features, you will surely download CS Tool. So, we’ve already provided a link at the end of this post for your convenience.

CS Tool Crack is a protection God of Chinese telephones that study all records about the hardware and software program of these Devices. Easy reset of IMEI1 and IMEI2 at a time via USB cable. It is useful for us to recover lost SD card data as a result of an accident. Edit all the data you want. Download all your data to a dead phone and transfer it to another device where you want to store it.

CS Tool Dongle Crack+ Registration Code

All MKT companies use it to find all the problems and solve them. These companies recommend that users use them if they have a factory, IMEI, pattern, forget the password, and other problems. Also, check all your hardware and software applications for your devices. Guide users fully to solve the problem provided for mobile phones. Some users have a problem with voice lock but it easily solves these problems in a few minutes. This is a fully loaded technology for calculating other software. Identifies those cell phones that hang loose due to battery and charger. The cs tool crack without box free download uses lighting and resets all Qualcomm mobile phones.

CS Tool Crack is the “God of the Chinese” telephones that read all the information about the hardware and programming of these gadgets. You can easily view phone information from a phone stuck on a logo, broken phone, half-dead phone, non-working phone using USB, and these cells are supported by MTK. IMEI1 and IMEI2 are easily reset in one go using a USB connection. In Addition, this forces us to recover the information on the SD card lost due to the accident. Organize all the information you need. Also, transfer all your information from the dead phone and transfer another tool wherever you want.

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  • Read the complete call record for half or all dead phones.
  • Format default phone and factory settings (lock password, lock pattern, voice lock, face lock)
  • Write and read a flash of up to 64 GB
  • Adjust EMEI
  • Reset network lock
  • Read all messages and contacts on dead and half-dead phones before opening the software
  • Now expand the flash to 64 GB for any configuration
  • Users can adjust their phone’s IMEI.
  • You can design your smartphone.
  • All your sampled telephones can be examined immediately in a unique way.
  • Read and write phone codes
  • Completely compatible with the firmware.
  • Reset any mobile or phone key.

Features for Qualcomm MSM CPUs Models:

  • Added all read information and read android qualities
  • Write the Factory Firmware (Factory format *.xml) & Read firmware (CST Format)
  • Read password and pattern lock (Version Android 5.XX & 4.XX) & Reset password and pattern lock (Version 6.X.X)
  • Reset file system and user lock (Android support up to 6.X.X Version)
  • Read call history, contacts book, and phone book

SC tool support for Qualcomm MSM CPUs:

  • Qualcomm MSM 8X10 SnapDragon 200, MSM 8X12 SnapDragon 200
  • MSM 8909 SnapDragon 210, MSM 8916 SnapDragon 410
  • Qualcomm MSM 8929 SnapDragon 415, MSM 8917 SnapDragon 425
  • MSM 8936 SnapDragon 610, MSM 8939 SnapDragon 615

Added Media Manager/Android File:

Supported CPUs: Qualcomm MSM 8X12, 8X10, 8939, 8917, 8909, 8916, 8929, 8936

  • All Files: Easily browse all given files through tree view and export any that’s you want
  • Privacy: Export any audio or video file and image
  • All files: Export APK through an easy tab
  • System: Export images, system images also video and audio files
  • All files: Easy to archive zip files


  • Improve the bug reporting, Read Flash brand and Write Flash Engine
  • Add Write flash factory files for inactivated phones
  • It added unlimited Flash IDs

MTK Technology-Based Smartphones:

  • MT6571, MT657, MT6575, MT6573, MT6577, MT6583, MT6582, MT6589, MT6795, MT6735M, MT6752, MT6592, MT66580, MT6595, MT6592, MT6732, MT6735

Features OF SC Tool for MTK Based Smartphone:

  • Write & Write Flash
  • Repair and manage IMEI
  • Format and Read or Reset Pattern lock
  • Network lock and other more options

Mobile Phones Based on MKT Technology:

Fresh Models:

  • MTK6260 & MTK6261 ( Full Services – Working Mode COM-Port, USB and CS- Tool Box)

Old Models:

  • MT6250, MT6252, MT6253, MT6251, MT6255 {Working Mode CS-tools box, USB & COM-port}

Extra Models:

  • MTK62xx, MTK6223, MTK61xx (Complete Service- Pin- finder or COM-port needed)

SPD Technology-Based Smartphones:

  • SC6820, SC8810, SC7715 NAND, SC7701, SC7702, SC8825: (Service such as phone passcode, direct pattern unlock, Google lock)
  • SC7715 EMMC, SC7730, SC7731: (Services For reading Info, read pattern lock, IMEI Repair, Format, Read contacts, SMS, call logs, etc)

Mobile Phones on SPD Technology:

Latest models:

  • SC6530 SC6530 (all features and services)

Old models:

  • SC6600D, SC6600M, SC6600R, SC6600I, SC6600H, SC6800, SC6600L, SC8800D, SC6610, C8800G, SC6800H(Need USB Cable, COM-port, pin-finder)

How to Install CS Tool Crack Setup?

  1. First, learn about the CS tool and get an idea.
  2. After reading the full article, Download its setting.
  3. Now, Install its driver and apply its setup.
  4. After this, copy the uploader and key.
  5. javascript:void(0);Paste in the installation folder.
  6. Finally, press the install button for full installation.

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